Covid-19 has affected the world in many ways. One of the most drastic changes was in the job market and finding a job during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The unemployment rate in Nigeria has tripled in the last 5 years and due to the ongoing pandemic, the unemployment rate is expected to increase further. There are over 21 million unemployed people in Nigeria currently and it's obvious that the job market is not the best at the moment. This means that you have to utilise this time as smartly as possible. This includes doing things such as engaging with people from your interested companies to keeping your CV updated by learning new things as frequently as possible.

Job hunting was never short of stressful but job searching and getting hired during a pandemic is a whole new level of taxing and demanding.

So, what do you do when you cannot find a job during the ongoing pandemic? First of all, do not worry! Times are tough but they are so for everyone, including companies. Due to the current crisis, many companies had to shut down because their losses exceeded the profit they were making.

The companies that did not shut down went remote and thus loaded off many of their workers. All of this means that there will be twice as many vacancies available once things get back to normal.

Below I have listed down a few things that you can do to make the most out of this time and a few ways you can make money while finding a job during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Let’s be honest, searching for a job when the entire world feels like it is a ticking bomb is nothing short of depressing. So, you might be wondering if so many companies are offloading then is it fruitful to send in your CV?

The simple answer is, yes! You must keep sending in your CV because if not today then once things get better you might be able to get the job that you want.

So, what should you be doing right now? Below I have listed down a few things you should do to keep yourself productive and make full use of the time that you have right now.

  • Building Connections:

The first and foremost thing that you should do right now is to build up connections. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, make it your priority to make one as soon as possible. Once you have made your profile, engage with people. One of the most important things to remember for finding a job during the Covid-19 pandemic is that you need to be digitally smart. Make use of the wonderful technology you have at hand. One of the most important things to learn is how to engage with people, especially business professionals.

LinkedIn is an excellent site to help you make connections with people in Nigeria and all over the world. You should also look for people in the same field as you to increase your chances of getting hired.

Talking to business professionals is not the same as talking to others. You cannot just like their posts and assume they will know who you are. Also, remember to all always reply as soon as they send a message. Do not read the messages through the notification and reply whenever you want too. Remember, it is you who need their help, not the other way around.

 What engagement does is that it creates an impression of you inside the employer’s brain so if a specific job comes, there is a likelihood that the employer will reach out to you.

  • Learn New Things:

The next thing to help you stay productive is to learn new things. Through this, you will be able to drastically improve your CV and have a lot of knowledge to help you fit in different places.

As the world is advancing, knowing just one thing, for example, web development will not be enough. But being familiar with things such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects and writing skills can ensure a job at the place you are applying.

Again, do not worry! There are a ton of courses available online that can help you learn these things. Many of them are also free or would cost a lot less than you might expect.

Check out websites like Coursera, Edx, and Udemy to learn more about their course fee and financial aid plans.


Searching for a job and then actually getting one can take time, especially during circumstances that we are going through right now. There are several ways you can make passive earring while you are job hunting during the covid-19 pandemic. Some of them are listed below.

  • Freelancing:

Freelancing is one of the simplest ways of earning passive income. Many people even leave their jobs so that they can do freelancing instead.

If you have any skills such as writing, graphic design, programming, etc. then utilize those skills and start providing freelancing services.

There are many ways you can meet potential clients including social media sites such as Facebook groups, Instagram, and LinkedIn and if you are serious about your freelancing business then sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and are made for you.

These sites can help you connect with people not only from Nigeria but from all over the world and could potentially, develop new connections for future references. 

  • Start Your Own Business:

Starting your own business might seem a bit daunting to some people but this is a great idea to earn a good income. One very popular way to start a business is to first, try out your luck on freelancing sites and then invest that money in your own business.

This business could be as small as owning a blog to having your own graphic design company. You can start your journey wherever you feel comfortable and build up from there.

In the end, make sure to follow the above advice of engagement. With the world in lockdown, this is your best bet when it comes to creating new relations. The job market is very competitive at the moment. There are more people than jobs available but don't get disheartened by it. Keep on applying as much as possible and if you have the luxury of taking a little bit of time off then do so and learn new skills that would guarantee you your dream job.

5 Real Estate Agent Resume Elements that Show Agencies You're the One

Are you looking for a job or a real estate career?
The way you craft your resume may reveal more about your long-term goals and value as an agent than you think. People who are just looking for a job often do just enough to get by. They're not typically into personal growth or imparting value to their employers. They may even cost agencies more than they're worth.
Career professionals think long term and understand the importance of upholding the reputation of the agency. They provide exceptional service. They're self-driven and achieve goals.
Let's look at 5 elements of a real estate agent resume that communicate that you're a career professional.

1) It's Results-Focused

Anyone who's been in real estate a while can list their duties and things that they know. But a hiring manager isn't just looking for someone who knows how to do lots of things.
She's asking herself:
  • Are they any good at it? 
  • Will this person be an asset?
  • Will they be the missing link in our agency's success?
Do list your technical skills and responsibilities. But don't neglect to also share some of your big wins in areas that would matter to the agency. Frame these accomplishments if whichever way shows you in the best light in your real estate agent resume.
You might share:
  • Total homes sold over a set time
  • Cumulative sales
  • Average days on market
  • A home that you sold fast 
For the interview, be ready to clearly and concisely explain how your efforts directly impacted the results to demonstrate that it wasn't just a fluke.

2) It's Specific

"I've sold over 100 homes."
This statement means nothing to a hiring manager without some qualifying information.
He's asking himself:
  • Have you sold 100 homes over a 20 year career or the past 3 years?
  • Were these sold in a buyer's or seller's market?
  • Were they distressed?
Brevity is important. But do give enough information to qualify the accomplishment.

3) It Avoids the Frills / Focuses on What's Important

If you were applying for a job in graphic design, marketing or fashion, a creative resume would help you stand out. But in real estate, a solid fact-focused resume is the best way to go. We're not saying that marketing and design aren't part of real estate, but they're not the focus for the manager.
Your resume should speak for itself through error-free, well-formatted design.

4) It's Customized to The Agency

Some agencies may hold certain skills and values higher than other. Do your research. View their website. Talk to people who work there. Then make sure that the skills and accomplishments they value are at the top of each section. This may seem like a lot of work if you apply to multiple places, but it's not. Create one general resume and then modify and save copies for each employer.
If you don't think certain tasks will apply, delete them. If one of your recent jobs is irrelevant, keep the description short while showing that you've a consistent work history. Try to show you have a level of expertise specific to the state or city. For example, understanding something specific like your state's inspector regulations might be something that helps you stick out from the other applicants.

5) It Has an Effective Career Summary

One of the most import things we can recommend for a modern resume is a "Career Summary". This section is read more than anything else on your resume. It matters. Instead of an "objective" section, at the top of your work history, add a clearly defined section in which you summarize your career.
Take some time to craft this. Ponder:
  • The wording
  • What the agency is looking for
  • What you have to offer

Well-Thought-Out Real Estate Agent Resumes Win

To get into the perfect agency, your resume must send the right message. By focusing on your accomplishments, being specific and customizing your resume to that agency; you can communicate that you're the one they're looking for.
What would you add to our list of elements in a career-focused real estate agent resume? Comment below.
The MARK Z. Home Selling Team has been ranked year after year by the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends as one of the top real estate teams in the entire country. Last year he finished top 10 in the nation selling over 500 homes.

Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job

After graduating from the tertiary institution, the next thing on most graduates’ mind is getting a good job that will be worth all the stress one went through in the tertiary institution. The reality of the situation of the country comes up with the ever increasing statistics of the unemployment rate in the nation. This makes it quite difficult to get that dream job.

As a young graduate, you decide to pick up any job that comes your way to gain experience and start from somewhere rather than sit idle at home. After spending weeks on the job, you realize  you made a mistake in taking the job and the next thing on your mind is to start searching for another job.

However, you are tied down and you can’t go for a job interview, so you decide to resign. On the other hand, one may even be working in a good place with great pay but you feel you deserve better and you are not getting the needed experience for career growth, so you want to take the bold step by resigning.

Take some time out and wait, ponder on this words “there’s a time and a place for throwing in the towel, but that time might not be now, and that place might not be your current office”.

While there are many good reasons for quitting your job, there are also a number of reasons to consider hanging in there. Reasons are:

Before taking the bold step of quitting your job, you should have enough savings that will cater for your needs until you get another job. This will help with the running around for the job interview in the pursuit of getting another employment.


In today’s world, job experience goes a long way in securing an employment in Nigeria. This is the reason why most people stick to the job even with the small pay because they need to garner experience.


You need to have a plan that will keep you busy when you resign or that will help you get the good job. There is need to weigh the plan well and also have the right attitude to getting it done to achieve your desired goal.


When it comes to quitting your job, it is only one advice that ultimately matters, your own!
If you are making the decision to quit your job because other people told you to, then it’s time to reconsider.


You need to look far away from the salary the new job is offering to you. There are other factors like job security, career development, job fulfillment amongst others things to check before deciding to quit your current job.In conclusion, there is always time for everything in life. However, if you still feel it’s time to move on from your current job, go ahead! On the other hand, if you’re still sticking around, make a good one out of it that will enable you move ahead at the needed time.

Darlington Idusuyi is the creator and editor of, where he shares his passion and knowledge about job search, interview tips, personal and career development. He also provide free career tools and resources to help job seekers find a job.

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10 ways to cure boredom at work

Boredom is a silent companion for many and it would not occur until you are overwhelmed by it. If
you feel uninspired to get up and go to work in the morning, you are probably bored of your work.
Most of the times, boredom leads to negative effects and this will affect you at work. If you are stuck
at your workspace staring into the depths of your screen and feeling a loss of inspiration, then it’s
probably time for you to analyse what is going wrong.
Escaping from the clutches of boredom is not that easy when it comes to workplaces. The monotony
of the work gets to you and you feel trapped inside this circle. Here are some ways that you can cure
your boredom:

1. Make career goals that you want to achieve from this job

What do you want to accomplish in your life? Do you have any goals that you want to achieve

from the job that you are doing currently? These are the questions you should ask yourself the

next time you are feeling bored at the workplace. If you do not have any immediate plans in life,

you should try to make them. List some of the career or personal life plans that you want to

achieve. It will keep you motivated and inspired at work.

2. Seek new challenges and accept more responsibility

The best way to get rid of workplace boredom is to accept more responsibility. This will give you

new challenges to overcome and keep you occupied. There is one thing that you should keep in

mind, though, before accepting more responsibilities is that it should not affect your normal


3. Clear up your cubicle if it is in a mess

A messy cubicle can also be an uninspiring sight. If the first thing you see in the morning every

day is a cluttered workspace, then it is no surprise that you are getting bored here. You need to

clear up the mess and improve the ambience of your desk. The ambience of the cubicle plays an

important role in controlling your daily mood level.

4. Exhaustion can be a cause – Ensure a healthy lifestyle

Do you have a bad lifestyle? Do you sleep late at night? Do not leave the snooze buttons till late

in the morning. Go to sleep early and get up on time. It will help you to maintain a good and

healthy lifestyle. If you do not have a healthy lifestyle, you will end up feeling exhausted at the

workplace. When you are exhausted, you will boredom creeping up on you like an incubus.

5. Do not attend mindless meetings

Attend those meeting which you feel are really important as most of the meetings are

meaningless and waste time. Above all, they tend to be boring at times. If you feel like you are

attending a number of meaningless meetings, talk to your manager and let him/her know that

how it can affect the productivity. Suggest the manager how you can improve this situation.

6. Go for water cooler breaks

Sometimes small talks can help to shake away that feeling of boredom. Take a short break with

your colleagues and enjoy the moment with talks unrelated to your work. This will help you to

lighten your mood.

7. Learn new skills

Are you getting bored doing the same thing at work? Try learning some new skills whenever you

have free time. This will solve your problem of boredom and also help you in your future. A new

skill will help you get that promotion. Some companies support such activities and allow

employees to go for such programmes. You can also learn a new language that might help you if

you go for offshore meetings with clients or projects.

8. Do some online browsing

Nothing beats boredom like some light browsing. If your company allows for browsing social

media websites and other such sites, then you can spend some entertaining moments. Watch

that funny cat video or an interesting DYI video or chat with a friend. It will lift your spirits from

the pit of boredom.

9. Try writing a blog

Do you like writing? You can spend those free times, when you feel engulfed with boredom, by

writing an article for your blog.

10. Make a career or job change

If the work that you are doing is not interesting for you and you feel it is extremely boring, then

it means that you are stuck in the wrong job. If it is boredom that you have to deal with daily, it

is time for you to switch on the job alerts on job portals. Find a job that you will love before

boredom crushes you.

Getting bored at work is a common problem and if you know how to be safe from it, you can take

your work life to a better level. Knowing how to deal with this problem can also help you in your


Author Bio

 Hasib is a professional writer working with one of prominent job portals in India – As a career coach, he helps professionals in making decisions related to career and job opportunities. He is an avid reader and lives for two things – football and food. If he is not involved in any of those, you can find him contemplating existential issues. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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6 Steps to Getting a Promotion

After you've  landed that dream job using your well written resume , its time to add value to your employer and in-turn your career growth by following these 6 steps listed below

"It's a great, great experience to finally get the reception you know you rightfully deserve"  . Kendrik Lamar 

Discover the gaps. A good employee fulfills employment objectives while a great employee doesn't just fulfill employment duties, a great employee adds value to the employer and in-turn gets recognized and in most cases promoted. How do you stand out from the rest? Discover the can you help? what can i do to make my bosses life easier?Having the mindset of a helper is key to adding lasting value not only to your employer but also to your career.


Fill the gaps.  Look at where you have gaps and demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn and grow. For example, volunteer to go on company training programmes or seek out external training programmes that will boost your skills. Or you can ask to take on work that involves new skills for you – for example, if you haven’t done much budget management and know it might be seen as weak spot for you then ask to take on some financial responsibility.

Highlight achievements. As well as gathering the evidence above, the other obvious place to look is at what you’ve achieved for your organisation. Think about tangible achievements such as having saved the company money or the outcomes of a project you’ve worked on. Look at your objectives in your job description and think about what you’ve done to deliver on these.

Set yourself apart . Establish yourself as someone who takes responsibility and can be trusted to deliver. Being a trusted deliverer in your current role means you’ll be thought of as ready to start operating at the next level. If managers still think they have to micromanage you because they aren’t sure you’re going to meet deadlines or you’re going to miss doing something important, they won’t be seeing you as someone who’s all that effective at your current role, so the next level will be some way off.

Build healthy relationships. It’s good to be known by people at the next level and beyond who’ll talk positively to your manager and others about what you’ve done. In an ideal world your skills and what you’ve delivered would speak for themselves but you have to get noticed too. When your boss hears positive comments about you from others that all helps with placing you in their mind as 'promotable'.

Get a career mentor. Having someone who’s successful at what you want to do and who can guide you on how to be noticed can be invaluable. If your organisation is too small for you to have one, do some networking and find one outside the company.

Awareness is very key to discovering where and how to best apply our skills to add value to our employers and in-turn our careers. Planning on changing jobs? read  5 SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE A UNIQUE RESUME to get some resume inspiration and visit our search engine by clicking hereAre there any tips we missed or you'd like to share? Lets know in the comments below!