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Got something you want to share with us? are you a writer/blogger that wants to be featured on our site? Jobfetcher.org is opening up for writers who want to write, contribute and let their voices be heard. Articles can range from topics about social issues pertaining to job search and unemployment,career relationships,workplace humor, Inspirational job or career-centric stories etc.Here are the following guidelines to writing an article for Us:

write for us | Jobfetcher
1. Articles should be original i.e. Not copied from a different source that is not originally yours.all articles must be written for Jobfetcher and we’d like to know when you intend to post it elsewhere (credit to Jobfetcher).

2. Articles should, as much as possible refrain from insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group. Each article will be reviewed prior to publishing.

3. Articles should be fairly accurate where dates, events, and places are mentioned.

4. Articles should, as much as possible, be grammatically correct and void of glaring grammatical errors. This does not mean vernacular cannot be used. If you write in pidgin English then by all means do so. We are not opposed to that.

5. Articles should have a picture related to the article topic included in the article. This helps out a great deal as our blog system lays out articles with a picture thumb.

6. Present new ideas/insights, fresh perspectives, and unique approaches. We like to present readers with novel ideas and thoughts.  Think about why readers should care about your post while you work on your draft.

7. We reserve the right to make corrections without changing the content or reject posts (title inclusive). We will send a note back if we think your topic needs more work.

8. Guest posts are unpaid and must be non-promotional. However; in return, we will provide you a 20-word promotional by-line and author page with an extended bio – here you can include (at most) 3 links to your blog or website and your social media profiles.No link in the body of your post should be promotional and the links should be relevant in the topical context. 

To write for us send us an email with the article & associated picture link to hello[at]jobfetcher.org