How to Plan Your Career Growth

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Editors note:writen by andrewstillman
Everyone wants to step up the ladder of success. There is no doubt about it! After getting hired for your first job, you may feel that you are ready for a promotion. Instead of just waiting for good things to happen, you can always initiate to take a step forward. In this article, we present practical tips that can help you move up to the next level.
Speak with your superior. Employers want people who are concerned about their career growth so don’t be afraid to speak the matter with your manager or boss. Talk about your own goals and tell your manager that you are looking forward to grow with the company.
Take on more responsibilities. The best way to show that you are ready to move up the next level is to take on more responsibilities in your workplace. You may volunteer to handle additional tasks or assist other departments.
Improve your interpersonal skills. Your social skills or your ability to deal with different people in your workplace and to work with a team will surely earn the respects of your colleagues and your superiors. Continue to enhance your communication skills. Effective interpersonal skills will be a major asset as you strive towards career growth.
Be an asset to the company. See to it that you make a remarkable contribution to your company. Be creative and work hard to find effective solutions to the problems or challenges your company is confronted with.
Sell yourself. Don’t be afraid to speak about your past and recent accomplishments, your capabilities and other skills. Let your bosses know that you are well-qualified and deserving of a promotion.
Keep an open mind. Even if you’re already experienced or an expert in a certain aspect of the job, there will always be room for improvement. Keep an open mind. Remember, you can learn new things from your co-workers, your superiors, and even yourself.
Widen out. Attend seminars, join professional organizations, do volunteer work, widen out your professional network. Don’t be afraid to meet people outside your company. Sometimes, better opportunities await you in another field. If you really want career growth, do not limit your boundaries.
Be a reliable teammate. Recognize that in order to be an effective employee, you need to work well with your team. If have been assigned to lead the team, don’t try to escape from your duties nor try to take all the responsibilities. Don’t take all the credit for yourself.
Build a solid reputation. Your own qualities as a worker and as a person are your keys towards success. How other people see you will of course, have a significant effect in your career growth. Are you known to be reliable worker? Are you a pleasure to work with? Are you known to be a cooperative person- someone who is helpful and optimistic? Are you professional? Keep in mind that aside from your knowledge, skills and job performance, your work ethics will also be evaluated.

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