How Well Do You Function Under Pressure(Job Interview Questions You Need To Ask)

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       So, you got a second and third call back for that new postion. As you prepare for the final interviewyou need to also get your questions ready. Yes, you need to ask questions and they need to be thought out and prepared to demonstrate your abilities as the best candidate to hire. Asking good questions demonstrates your

intelligence and proactive approach to your career.

It's not just about asking questions, it's about asking the right questions that can help you do a better job. Ask questions that need "how or what" answers. Avoid yes or no questions. While you need to taylor make your questions for your particualr situation, here's a couple of examples:

How Well Do You Function Under Pressure
"I function very well under pressure. This makes me a very good candidate for your company. Tell me about some of the stressful situations
that I can expect to occur in this postion?"

There are very few jobs today that don't place the employee under stress
from time to time. This is a good question to ask and requires a thoughful response from your potential employer. Anybody can do well in calm times. You want to project a calm sense of being able to work under pressure and discussing this calming shows this skill.

How Well Do You Fit
"I'm a very compatible with the company vision and people I have met so far. Since I'm a team player, can you tell me more about the day-to-day culture, especially in terms of Team Building and Team support?"

Among equally qualified candidates, this is probably the most important attribute employers look to when hiring. Many companies today hire for compatibility to the corporate culture. You need to demonstrate you will fit with the team and be a productive member, someone who will add to the team and not be a distraction.

You are looking to demonstrate you are the best fit for the job. If this is a third or final interview you have a good understanding of the culture: quiet or energetic, boisterous or calm, etc. Moderate your responses, posture and one of voice to
mimic the culture.

Prepare for your final interview as if you were lawyer. Seek information, do your homework and prepare your questions so that they demostrate the skills of the job and bring you to the front as the best individual to hire. Prepare 6-8 good questions. Write them down, bring your notebook. Gage how the interview is going and pick 4-5 of the best questions for the situation. Read them.

Listen carefully to each of the anwers. Modify your questions based on the answers; follow up.

Not only will you demonstrate you abilities you will also benefit from feeling more in control of your job search!

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