Reinvent Your Career During Christmas Vacation: 7 Tips

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Reinvent Your Career During Christmas Vacation: 7 Tips

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Finally, the holidays are here and you've had a chance to relax and reboot. But as you begin to unwind on Christmas vacation, and enjoy yourself, you may find yourself asking: Have I been happy at work this year? What other job could I be doing that would be more fulfilling -- monetarily and spiritually?

If you're like many people, you've probably lost track of what would make you happy at work -- but are deep in touch with what makes you miserable. You can't change your career or your life by snapping your fingers, but you can begin to think about what that true passion might be. Once you understand what you really want to be doing, you can start connecting the dots and figuring out how to get from here to there.

During the holidays, you can start the process of changing your career with these 7 tips:

1. Observe yourself.
During the holidays, many people tend to spend their time where they feel the most comfortable -- whether that's with family or friends. Pay close attention to the environment in which you place yourself over the holidays. How do you relax? What environment are you in? How can you connect that environment to the workplace?

2. Walk down memory lane.
Look through photo albums and your old boxes of stuff. Maybe you once wrote a diary with great business ideas. Or perhaps you'll see photos of yourself in sports gear and start to think about how to involve sports in your career. Take note of what you find, as the goal with work is to spend your time doing something you enjoy. It can also be argued that when you are passionate about what you do, you'll do a much better job.

3. Ask yourself: Who do I like to spend time with?
What kind of personalities do they have? It's good to know the kind of people you connect best with because that also may help in finding a workplace that matches your temperament.

4. Walk around a bookstore.
Which books are you checking out? Which magazines spark your interest? This will tell you a lot about the kinds of subjects and industries you should be focusing on.

5. Write down what you like about your current job.
Write down all of the tasks that you do enjoy and think about the other career paths that incorporate those tasks and skills.

6. Ask your friends and family what they think.
Sometimes the people who know you best and longest may have some insight that escapes you. Ask them, "If you had to guess what I would be doing as an adult, what job do you think I'd have?"

7. Note how you spend your free time.
How do you spend time when you don't have to be anywhere? When you aren't trying to meet a boss' deadline, what do you catch yourself doing? That may give you some vital clues.
EDITORS NOTE:By Lauren Berger

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