25 business podcasts you should start following

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1. All In: Elevating Your Leadership Game. This podcast is hosted by Alicia Dunams. The podcast features a staff and guests who help people build their business on the public relations level. They understand new business owners can struggle to get a grasp on managing your crew. They offer solid advice on how to manage your staff in a way that is professional, and efficient.
2. As Told by Nomads. Hosted by Tayo Rockson, a digital marketing specialist who offers fascinating perspectives on the business world. If you are looking to market your company and see solid results, listen to what they have to offer. Learn how to think outside the box and run your business with a smart point of view on your marketing plan.
25 business podcasts you should start following

3. John Lee Dumas' Entrepreneur on Fire. This is one of the best podcasts for young entrepreneurs who need a fresh look on your business situation. The podcast airs seven days a week and tells the stories of business owners who figured out what they needed to do to take their business to the next level. The host, John Lee Dumas, has helped thousands of people who need help with their new business.
4. This is Your Life. If you need advice on leadership Michael Hyatt is there to help. When starting a business, it can take some time learn how to lead effectively. “This is Your Life” tackles those issues and shows how you can take your public relations skills to the next level.
5. Learning with Leslie. This podcast is hosted by Leslie Samuel, an entrepreneur who understands how challenging it is to start a business. He takes what he knows and shares some tips on how to build your website online. If you are struggling with any aspect of your company, from leadership or marketing, Leslie has you covered.
6. Smart Passive Income. Hosted by Pat Flynn, these podcasts tackles how to increase profits using marketing scheme, blogging, and lifestyle changes. He understands businesses do not boom overnight. This is one of the most popular podcasts on the internet, and a must-listen if you are looking for a new approach.
7. Social Triggers Insider. If you are having trouble with your sales, check out this podcast from Derek Halpern. He gives listeners his spin on business and marketing advice. People follow Derek because he has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach that gets results.
8. Ambitious Entrepreneur Show. This podcast show by Annemarie Cross helps new entrepreneurs standout when there are so many people on the market right now. She gives great tools and tips to figure out how make yourself known for the best reasons possible.
9. The Entrepreneur Effect. This show sheds some light on the sometimes complex world of marketing. The show will help show you a new side to the business world, one where you can thrive using simple concepts and strategic topics.
10. The New Business Podcast. This new podcast is hosted by Chris Ducker. He helps businesses that are new get an idea of what kind of tools are available for them to help their business grow. He shows that there are multiple platforms where you can make a ton of money if you follow his tips and throw your twist on there.
11. Online Marketing Made Easy. Amy Porterfield hosts this show which offers business owners   tips on virtual marketing. She offers advice on how to use content marketing to your advantage when it comes to getting sales and producing results.
12. The Internet Business Mastery. The two guys who host this show, Jeremy and Jason, are there for beginners in the business world. They give tips on what you need to know about the initial start-up of your business. Tips include how to readjust your lifestyle and making your business grow from start up.
13. The Rise to the Top. David Garland helps people who are “mediaprenuers.” The rise to the top can take some time, and David understands that situation. He shows people in his podcast how they can make a good sum of money by using revenue with products and programs online.
14. Mixergy. Hosted by Andrew Warner, this podcast features interviews with big name entrepreneurs. Learn their tips, struggles, and keys to success. You will get insight from professionals who have been in your shoes. Being able to listen to how someone overcame their issues could help you conquer your own challenges.
15. Web Domination Podcast. Ran by Dan Norris, this podcast will give you insight to the world of content marketing. You will learn how to do what is best for your company, and how to recognize an opportunity when you see it. Dan gives his perspective on being a young entrepreneur - there is tons of useful info in his podcasts.
16. Help! My Business Sucks! This is a nontraditional podcast with host Andrew Lock, who makes marketing fun. He uses wit and clever comments to showcase products that will help your business soar. He knows that sometimes a little bit of humor can drive a point home, and he does it well.
17. StartUp Nation. The Sloan Brothers run this show and they are all about helping small businesses thrive. They have experience in the field of entrepreneurship, and they know how to get results. They do a show twice a month; each one provides wonderful insight to the world of small business. 
18. The Introvert Entrepreneur. Beth Buelow interviews business owners about how they landed in their current position. They give you tips and tricks to overcome challenges both small and large. It is a great podcast to check out if you want some insight from people who made it as an entrepreneur.
19. Creative Living with Jamie. Jamie Ridler hosts this podcast. The whole point is to show you how living creatively can help you grow on a business and personal level. The special guests on the show share their views on the world and how their creativeness got them to where they are today.
20. Foundation. This podcast is hosted by huge entrepreneur Kevin Rose (founder of Digg). The show features guests who made it big in the business world. They discuss ideas, their past, inspiration, and more. This podcast should not be missed if you are in the business field to stay.
21. The Tim Ferriss Show. Hosted by world-famous author Tim Ferriss, this podcast features a look into the lives of the top-paid people in the world. Tim explores tools and tips these people used to get where they are today. It can give you some perspective on what you need to do to get your business off the ground.
22. Tips from a Marketing Rebel. John Carlton knows what it takes to succeed in the business world. He offers some of his quirky insights on how to avoid scammers. Besides that, he also gives information on how to make your sales pitch into something that is going to be remembered by millions and earn you top sales numbers.
23. EBay Radio. This show is hosted by a group of people, including Jim Griffith, who know it is possible to get rich by using the popular auction site eBay. The guests on the show share their perspective on how to market yourself and your company in a way that will attract attention online.
24. Crazy is a Compliment. If you are ever worried about not making it in the business world because of the way you think, Linda Rottenberg’s podcast is for you. She touches on the way we all come up with ideas when it comes to our company. What might sound crazy to others might be a million dollar idea. The key is to stick with it.
25. Acceleration Through Community. This particular podcast is designed for Stanford Entrepreneurs. However, it is worth a listen even if you do not go to the school. The panel on the show talk about the different aspects of business and how they reached the top through hard work and dedication. It is truly an inspirational show if you are struggling in your business life.
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