5 Real Estate Agent resume elements that show agencies that you are the one!

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Are you looking for a job or a real estate career?
The way you craft your resume may reveal more about your long-term goals and value as an agent than you think. People who are just looking for a job often do just enough to get by. They're not typically into personal growth or imparting value to their employers. They may even cost agencies more than they're worth.

Career professionals think long term and understand the importance of upholding the reputation of the agency. They provide exceptional service. They're self-driven and achieve goals.
Let's look at 5 elements of a real estate agent resume that communicate that you're a career professional.


1) It's Results-Focused

Anyone who's been in real estate a while can list their duties and things that they know. But a hiring manager isn't just looking for someone who knows how to do lots of things.
She's asking herself:
  • Are they any good at it? 
  • Will this person be an asset?
  • Will they be the missing link in our agency's success?
Do list your technical skills and responsibilities. But don't neglect to also share some of your big wins in areas that would matter to the agency. Frame these accomplishments if whichever way shows you in the best light in your real estate agent resume.
You might share:
  • Total homes sold over a set time
  • Cumulative sales
  • Average days on market
  • A home that you sold fast 
For the interview, be ready to clearly and concisely explain how your efforts directly impacted the results to demonstrate that it wasn't just a fluke.

2) It's Specific

"I've sold over 100 homes."
This statement means nothing to a hiring manager without some qualifying information.
He's asking himself:
  • Have you sold 100 homes over a 20 year career or the past 3 years?
  • Were these sold in a buyer's or seller's market?
  • Were they distressed?
Brevity is important. But do give enough information to qualify the accomplishment.

3) It Avoids the Frills / Focuses on What's Important

If you were applying for a job in graphic design, marketing or fashion, a creative resume would help you stand out. But in real estate, a solid fact-focused resume is the best way to go. We're not saying that marketing and design aren't part of real estate, but they're not the focus for the manager.
Your resume should speak for itself through error-free, well-formatted design.

4) It's Customized to The Agency

Some agencies may hold certain skills and values higher than other. Do your research. View their website. Talk to people who work there. Then make sure that the skills and accomplishments they value are at the top of each section. This may seem like a lot of work if you apply to multiple places, but it's not. Create one general resume and then modify and save copies for each employer.
If you don't think certain tasks will apply, delete them. If one of your recent jobs is irrelevant, keep the description short while showing that you've a consistent work history. Try to show you have a level of expertise specific to the state or city. For example, understanding something specific like your state's inspector regulations might be something that helps you stick out from the other applicants.

5) It Has an Effective Career Summary

One of the most import things we can recommend for a modern resume is a "Career Summary". This section is read more than anything else on your resume. It matters. Instead of an "objective" section, at the top of your work history, add a clearly defined section in which you summarize your career.
Take some time to craft this. Ponder:
  • The wording
  • What the agency is looking for
  • What you have to offer

Well-Thought-Out Real Estate Agent Resumes Win

To get into the perfect agency, your resume must send the right message. By focusing on your accomplishments, being specific and customizing your resume to that agency; you can communicate that you're the one they're looking for.
What would you add to our list of elements in a career-focused real estate agent resume? Comment below.
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