How the Don’ts become the Do’s in real-world job networking !!

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(Surprising tips on networking in a business gathering by Jemina H.I[Career consultant guest post])

       The daily hassles of job searching could almost kill whatever creative senses you once possessed. From one career coach to another, saying you are not doing things right, in the end you amend so much of your personality and your CV you end up misplacing certain unique traits that make you … YOU!!
The Don’ts become the Do’s     So, this will not be another one of those articles on punctuality, being friendly and wearing serious colors or haircuts to a business gathering, In fact it’s the complete opposite! Here are some tips I’ve found quite useful to create a lasting impression and establishing fruitful relationships with people you meet while you are networking in conferences, seminars, Job fairs you name it!

         1.     Reverse the resume rule

         More often than not for we job seekers , the night before we are to attend a business gathering, in between the time when we are practicing our smiles and rehearsing an introductory note we send for more copies of our CV, yes that’s right!! The resume rule says have as many copies of your CV with you always and everywhere you go but I’m here to tell you my good people *in a preacher’s voice* that it’s totally wrong and won’t help. Yes you want to speedily hand out your CV to the guy/lady from HR you just met so they could call you as soon as possible. However we fail to remember a resume is just a piece of paper and interestingly yours won’t be the only one the HR lady/guy receives in that event so the question is how are you remembered? answer? ok. The answer is DON’T GO WITH A CV!! Yes it’s crazy advice but it works. Let them ask for it and you say, “Sorry it’s not here with me but I do have a soft copy on my Ipad do you mind giving me your email address?” at this point you’ve not only managed to get your CV across but you also got their contact details so once in a while you could throw in season’s greetings messages and subtle reminders about on your CV. Also ensure it’s a direct email address and not that of the organization.

       2.     Clown colors do the trick!

       A few years back I was from the school of thought that you should look as constipatedly(if the word exists) serious as possible when attending business events. Wear dark colors, shave your head, and pack your hair in the tightest bun till your forehead looks like a hammer. I’m sure you are getting my drift. From all the research and discussions I’ve had with employers, I’ve discovered a consensus on one quality job seekers lack and it is the ability to stand out. Job seekers need to understand that employers see thousands of faces and resume’s and they often will contact individuals who made a good lasting impression. Of course it is important to power dress but who says power dressing only embodies dark colors and an overly-serious look. For the ladies maybe next time you go job hunting in a business event try a pink jacket instead of black or navy blue or a bold color of lipstick could work. And for the men how about brightly colored ties or a unique bag the worst that could happen is the HR lady/man says “ wow ,that is an interesting choice of color” this shows you have a daring and unique personality not just some face in the crowd and Yes! Also something they can remember you by during the CV review sessions “the guy with the funny colored tie”.

So hopefully you’ve picked up something useful from these tips and you are ready to create a lasting impression, stand out and shine like the star you were created to be! And don’t forget to follow up!Did we miss any tips?are you sure?ok then leave us a comment below :D

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