3 Key things employers are looking for in your resume

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Am i the only one that opens up resumes hoping they read like a proposal ?...no?..really?!
Let me take you into the mind of the everyday employer.

" Employers don't have time to decipher how your qualification fits the business, remember you are looking for a job, you must craft a resume that stands above the rest!"  

1. Show Interest
Show that you have researched the company! A CV that is sent to a company that you know nothing about shows you don't care who you work for! Self care reflects in the environment you wish to align with. Every business has a culture!

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 employees leave businesses because they couldn't fit in with company culture and management style!

5 Key things employers are looking for in your resume

2. Show the value you bring to the role
You should align to your qualification and experience etc. to show projections of how your strengths align with the company's business mission and vision.

This part will require research on your part , from looking up general industry information to company key staff information, look at what skills you have and show how you fit into the
organisation! The question is what can you bring to the employer in exchange for your personal security "salary and career growth"?

Example: if I want to work in an media company when you have a psychology degree, you need to show how psychology will be advantageous to the company! 

Some thoughts:
How do my skills complement the vision and mission of the company?How may staff members are in my future role within the coy?What is the staff size?This will show exactly how u think or propose to fit in!
Have any ideas? let's know in the comments!


 Show Personality
Outline your hobbies. This is absolutely up to you,this lifehacker blog post Never Include Your Hobbies On Your Resume is against adding hobbies,  the idea is to keep the resume as short as possible while this jobmob article on hobbies is pro-hobbie inclusion, with the aim to standout from the more "to the point resume".  I believe it is really upto the personnel recruiting...what do you think?

 While it takes a while to craft a good resume and furthermore application, this time is justified by the response rate you will notice when you apply a few basic principles in the article. Don't forget to read  5 SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE A UNIQUE RESUME to get some resume inspiration. Are there any tips we missed or you'd like to share? Lets know in the comments below!

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