Tips for Mums Returning to Work

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Re-entering the workforce after having taken time off to be a full-time mum can often be a worrying feat. You may be concerned that the world of work has dramatically changed in your absence or that you will no longer be able to keep up with other employees. However, these sentiments are all one hundred per cent normal and most mums re-entering the workforce after many years will experience feelings of apprehension. Keep in mind that there are many job vacancies in your local free-classifieds job section, employment websites like and private companies' career sections. With this in mind, here are some top tips to help you prepare yourself to affront this challenging yet extremely positive professional initiative.
1. Do not underestimate the skills acquired as a full-time mum
It is always worth reflecting upon the skills that you have acquired during your time as a stay-at-home mum. You may not think that you have learnt much that will be of use in the workplace but this is often not the case. How are you at managing the family budget? Have you had to exercise a great deal of patience at home with your kids? Have you volunteered at your child’s school in any way? It is worth making a list of all of your recent personal accomplishments and consider how you can incorporate them into your CV.

2. Brush up on your IT skills
A great deal of positions require a good knowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Office. Would you describe yourself as being a proficient user? If not, consider taking a short course at your local library or college. There are also a number of excellent books on the market to help you improve your IT skills.
3. Expand your professional network
Start by creating a profile on the social networking site for business professionals called LinkedIn. This website allows you to make new contacts and connect with former work colleagues as well as potential employers.
4. Be proud of the gap in your CV
Never shy away from the fact that you took time out of work in order to raise your children. Consider that many people believe that raising a family is indeed the hardest job in the world! So don't be too obsessed with the fact that you have a break in your CV, emphasise that you are re-entering the workforce after having been a stay-at-home mum and state that you are ready to learn and perhaps embark on a whole new career altogether.
5. Consider a temporary position
This is a great way to gain experience in any given role. It may not always look so appealing as it does not provide job security, but you should always look on the bright side and focus on building a good CV.
These great tips will ensure that you re-enter the workforce with confidence and feel proud of your personal accomplishments as a mother. Employers always admire those who are willing to learn especially in fields outside of their comfort zone. Don’t give up at the first hurdle and you will find yourself back at work before you know it! Good luck!

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