Five Jobs That Aren't For the Faint of Heart

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It is an undeniable fact that some occupations are more emotionally tenuous than other jobs. These fields of employment attract workers who demonstrate a resolutely stable mentality. This list features an assortment of professions that have a tendency to be psychologically exhausting. 


Advanced medical operations require individuals that are uncannily unshakable. Squeamishness can compromise any procedure, so this profession mandates an unflappable emotional calm. A profound sense of responsibility is attached to the job, because any careless disturbances to the biological fragility can result in cases of negligent fatalities. Aversions to blood cannot be allowed to interfere at any interval.

Mental Health Specialist

Psychologists and therapists have a difficult occupation, because their field demands delving into the cognitive disorders of their patients. Their job involves analyzing the behavioral struggles exhibited by the people

  that they treat. Often times, they have to listen to every detail of their patient's hardship and trauma, so they can offer a diagnosis. Treatment involves altering fundamental thought processes. The environment can be emotionally volatile, and the relationship between specialists and their clients enables practitioners to be a conduit for negative projection. Furthermore, unexpected attachments can form, and subsequently take a toll on the professional's psyche. 

Divorce Attorney

Managing the fractured relationships between unhappy married couples can place attorneys in an uncomfortable position. Divorce lawyers are privy to a substantial amount of personal information, because they can become a confidant about the faltering relationship. Professional lawyers in this field maintain unwavering objectivity, while seeking the proper terms of compensation for their clientele. This Home Page provides examples of the services provided by an elite divorce attorney. 

Homicide Investigator

Solving murders can consume a person's entire reserve of emotional energy. Forensic analysts have to meticulously study the remains of victims for clues about the perpetrators of gruesomely violent acts. This career path mandates intensive mental fortitude and stamina. Cases can extend for years, and progress can be hindered by the insensitively bureaucratic legal system. Not only do homicide investigators have to retrace every step of a murder, but they have to recount the grisly details to the loved ones of the deceased individual. Furthermore, they have to offer consolation for the grief-stricken relatives.


Handling the dead has always been an uneasy occupation. The only people who should work in a morgue are individuals that have extremely resilient nerves. As the unseen operators of the funereal process, coroners fluidly maintain society's ability to cope with death. 
As you can see not all jobs are for everyone. If you do have a little gut perhaps you should look into one of them. They are tough jobs, but somebody has to do them.

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