Lost Your Job? 5 Simple Ways to Get Back in the Game

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Let's face it, being out of work isn't what any of us want to deal with in our day to day lives. Fortunately there are countless things that you can do after the fact, whether you had expected your job loss or not. Below are five simple ways to get back into the game and to get back on the job.

1. Stay Physically and Mentally Active

Job loss can often lead to a state of depression, but it doesn't have to! Being physically active will help keep you in your old routine of being out of your home every day. Something as little as walking each day can help clear your head of distractions that could otherwise prevent you from achieving your goals. If exercise equipment is more of your style then pick up a book or a newspaper while working out. Keeping your mind active will be essential for upcoming interviews.

2. Seek Professional Assistance

Are you sure that your reason for unemployment is even justified? Employment professionals are an excellent tool to rely on to offer peace of mind. With legal backing you can ensure that your future plans are sound.

3. Update Your Professional Online Profiles

Building a strong online presence on websites such as LinkedIn and Quora can go a long way towards landing a new job. More and more frequently jobs are being offered online and the key to getting recognized is having a strong profile. Ensure your skills are up to date, have a professional picture, and build a summary about yourself that would make anyone crazy to pass you by.

4. Update and Submit Your Resume to Job Sites

Job search websites are leading the way for matching employees and potential employers. The best way to get recognized through these sites is to have an up to date resume. Ensure that everything is spelled correctly and that the formatting is pleasing to the eye. Don't go crazy with fonts and borders, usually a more simple approach is best.

5. Attend Local Networking Events

Many cities have a local Chamber of Commerce. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and see how often they host networking events, it's likely to be almost monthly. You can also attend city planning meetings and other government events. In these places you're most likely to meet professionals in industries with contacts.

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