INSIDE BANKER:The book: pt3

7:03 AM

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She started to hear it, first from far off, then gradually the sound got
closer and closer, then on impulse, Nene reached out and hit the stop
button on her phone, 4.15am flashed on its digital display.
“Time to get up” she said to herself wearily.
What was she thinking, at the rate things were going, Chike could
only get married in her dreams.
Nduka hit the snooze button on his phone and turned to the left side
of his bed, ten minutes later at 05.10am, the same insistent ringing hit his
ears with a ringtone he had come to recognize and hate. He snuffed out the
alarm, more out of irritation than from necessity. When he was about to
drop his phone, a call came through.
“Hello, Good morning.” he answered on impulse, wondering what
manner of fool would be calling at this time of the day, and with a hidden
caller ID. He now regretted that he had picked the call.
“Nduka.” said a voice not bothering with any introduction. “What is
the latest with my letter?”  
“You mean, the update on your loan application?” recognizing the
gruffly voice to be Chief Otache’s
“Yes, yes that, how far?” Chief replied impatiently “Has the money
come out?”
“I wonder what goes through this man’s brain sometimes.” thought
Nduka, The submission of the request letter was just yesterday by 4.30pm,
thirty minutes after close of business. At least that is what the bank had
stated in their employment letter.

Besides, it was too early in the day to switch to banker mode. ”Sir,
from what I saw in your request, you want to add another ten buses to
your fleet.”
“That is true,”
“Well we have two choices, it is either we implement the product
paper for fleet financing, because that is faster or…”
“Please remember that I want to do only ten percent funding” he
interrupted rudely “Or what do you call it?”
“Equity contribution”
“Yes that.”
“Then Sir, we will have to present your request through our credit
risk system.” Nduka said, “Since you will require some concessions, with
respect to the counterpart funding you are proposing.”
“Pardon me please?”
“Sorry, I meant the equity contribution,” Nduka replied edgily. “I
will give you a full update once I get to the office.” He concluded eager to
get rid of the caller.
“Ok, I will be waiting for your call,” said Chief not quite satisfied.
”Thank you,” said Nduka hanging up quickly before Chief could
remember any other request.
He turned on the shower and gritted his teeth as the icy cold water
sprouting through the showerhead hit his body, a body that was still warm
from sleep. He let out a long list of choice expletives. There should be a law
against waking up so early. He thought to himself as he started to lather
soap on his body.

“Your money jo?” Sang the bus conductor through nicotine stained
teeth, Bola promptly handed over the N70 fare “Correct madam,” said the
rough youth “Na why I dey always like make you enter my motor, you dey
always hold change.”
After years of taking the bus, Bola no longer noticed the unwavering
smell of rust and petrol that most danfos all seemed to have. She sat in the
far corner of the bus, as always, so as not to assist the conductor in his
receiving of payments and the handing out of change. Money usually
moved back and forth throughout the journey.
Bola looked out of the window and stared out at the Atlantic as they
travelled across the third mainland bridge, it always seemed as if she was
seeing it for the first time, it looked like a long stretch of shiny metal
twinkling in the semi darkness....

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