5 Pointers to Conduct a Successful Job Interview

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5 Pointers to Conduct a Successful Job Interview.PNGIf you own or manage a business, you probably already know that it can take a lot of time and money to screen applicants and prepare for interviews. However, all of these efforts are useless if you are not sure how to conduct a successful interview. Nevertheless, if you want to find the perfect candidate for your company, the following five pointers can help.

1.Prepare in Advance

Preparing in advance is crucial to conducting successful job interviews. Be sure to look over applicants' resumes and take note of such things as prior work history, education and references. Additionally, compare their skills with the skills necessary for the position in question. Finally, jot down anything you may want candidates to clarify.

2. Choose Questions Carefully

The best questions for job interviews are those that are open-ended, as they will encourage your candidates to offer more than a yes or no answer. Additionally, open-ended questions offer you the opportunity to observe applicants' cognitive skills. Some of the most popular and effective questions for interviews are listed below.

*What can you do for our company?
*When faced with a work-related challenge, how do you react?
*Can you tell me how you have helped a previous employer?
*What are your long-term goals?

3. Document Answers

While asking effective questions is essential to conducting interviews, listening to answers is just as important. Since you may not remember everything that each candidate says, take a few notes during the most important parts of the interview. If a candidate shows exceptional communication skills or enthusiasm, take note of this as well. Software programs can help you maintain records of each candidate.

4. Observe Behavior and Appearance

In addition to taking note of how applicants answer your questions, you will also want to observe their behavior and appearance during the interviews. By asking yourself the following questions while conducting interviews, you will be better prepared to weed out your list of candidates.

*Are they polite?
*Do they seem sincerely interested in the job?
*Do they sound educated?
*Did they take time to groom themselves before the interview?
*Are they dressed appropriately for the job in question?

5. Schedule a Second Interview

If you have limited your candidate pool down to two or more applicants and cannot decide on one, schedule a second interview with each of them. For these interviews, include such personnel as managers and key associates who will be working closely with the new employee. Brief them on each candidate's resume and allow them to speak with the applicants one by one.

Conducting job interviews should always be taken serious and before you meet with potential candidates, you must be prepared. By using the above five pointers to conduct successful interviews, you can keep applicants on their toes and learn more about them.

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Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She writes on modern business topics, such as how Software for tracking applicants can save you time and energy as a business owner.

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