Want a Raise? 4 Ways to Show your Boss that You Mean "Business”

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Want a Raise -  4 Ways to Show your Boss that You Mean Business.JPGWhether you are looking for a raise in your current position or desire to move up in the company, there a variety of ways get noticed by management. Personal appearance plays a big role in how people are perceived. Delivering excellent results shows management how you can handle responsibility. Requesting additional work shows how an employee has a desire to be more successful in their career. Volunteering for a committee will let management know of your desire to improve the company in positive ways.
    1. Deliver Excellent Results

Employees that deliver excellent results have an increased chance of receiving a raise or being promoted. Management assumes employees are ready for more responsibility when they exceed expectations in their current role. Most companies perform daily production reports to track the amount of work an employee completes in a certain time frame. Productive employees are usually paid more than workers who don’t perform well.
    1. Dress for Success

The way an employee presents themselves will set a standard of how other people perceive them. Management will assume that a sloppy person will perform sloppy work. Business casual attire is appropriate for most offices. Men should wear slacks and a professional looking shirt. They might also consider investing in some upscale shaving products to help them achieve a clean-shaven look. Products like unscented pre shave oil, or unscented shaving cream will help you to avoid irritation from shaving. Also, a nice aftershave will help you to look (and smell) professional. Women may also wear slacks, but can also come to work in dress or skirt. Hair should always be well groomed and look clean.
    1. Request Additional Work

Management looks highly on employees who request additional work. Taking on duties outside your job role shows management that you have a desire to be more successful in your career. It also proves that you have the ability to handle more responsibility. Requesting additional work is an excellent way to complete training in other departments. An employee that is knowledgeable in several different areas on a business is a great company asset.
    1. Volunteer For a Committee

There are many advantages of volunteering for a committee. Participating in a committee shows management that you have a desire to improve the company. It will also give you the opportunity to meet associates in different departments. Employees increase their communication skills when they work on a committee. They also learn important management skills.

Professionals looking for a raise or promotion will need to attract the attention of management. Workers should dress professional and deliver excellent results. They can also show initiative by requesting additional work and volunteering for a committee.

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