The Top 5 Most Profitable Career Paths for Computer Science Grads

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Studying computer science is an exceptionally lucrative way to enter the job market because of the significant expansion within the programming and information technology industries. In the shadow of the economic recovery, computer science graduates have been enjoying some of the largest increases in average pay, and a number of jobs represent incredible earnings potential. The following jobs will offer the biggest paychecks for computer science graduates:
1. Mobile Applications
With a salary that may reach higher than 90,000/year, the demand for knowledgeable and creative minds for mobile application development is one of the strongest areas of growth for CS graduates. The migration of computer users to smart phones has pushed mobile applications to the forefront.

2. Software Architecture
Companies require an extraordinary number of software architects and salaries may range from a $76,000 to $119,000, depending on the level of responsibility associated with the job. This type of employment encompasses a variety of job titles like "enterprise architect" or "system architect." Software architects aren't just a highly lucrative position for CS graduates. This employment is routinely considered one of the best jobs in any industry in the country.

3. Analytics
As a math-heavy type of employment, the average salary of a worker in analytics may range anywhere from $67,000 to over $100,000 a year. Students who are particularly talented with mathematics and who have taken extra math courses will excel in within this growing field. Students who want to head into analytics might want to obtain a minor in mathematics during college

4. Video Game Design
Although a graduate might need to spend some time "paying dues" in this field, working with video game design and development is a lucrative and growing field. Upon reaching full-fledged status as a game designer, the expected salary approaches $80,000 a year. For advanced or managerial jobs, (like a senior game designer) the salary may exceed $100,000 a year.

5. Information Technology
An extraordinary range of jobs fall under the heading of information technology, but graduates may expect to quickly earn an excess of $75,000 a year. All companies of medium size or larger require an IT specialist with computer technology training.. In addition, these roles may be designed as in-house employment or through a third-party provider.

Choosing to focus within one of these jobs after graduating with a computer science degree offers significant opportunity for high income and a steady career. Computer science degree holders enjoy extraordinarily low unemployment rates, and getting to work in the industry is almost certain for most graduates.

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