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Everyone wants to get promotion and appreciation at work, but there are only a few who actually manage to touch this milestone. The reason is simple that there is too much competition in every field and it is really not a child’s play to get appreciation from your office-mate, especially in case when he is your competitor as well. However, not everything is impossible in this world. You can achieve this goal by acting upon following useful advises that would tell how you can get promotion from your boss in little time .

Check your performance by yourself
  • Be your own master and check whether you have taken your first step in right direction.
  • Check yourself whether you are doing well in office.
  • If not, then try to search loopholes in your personality.
  • Stay in touch with your seniors who can teach you something.
  • Try to learn from them through questioning, but never show any hateful behavior.  
  • Try your best to provide them with best ideas, but don’t lose heart if they do not give any positive response on your proposals. 
Be friendly at work
Now, you are standing at job and this is the place where you earn your livelihood, so there should be no questions about likes or dislikes.
  • Try to develop a friendly relationship with everyone in the office. 
  • Even if you fail to do so, you can at least say ‘hello’ to everyone in your office when you come office in the morning.
  • Try to help them by doing small jobs for them, like make coffee for them and ask if they have any problems to share with you. 
  • You may also perform some official tasks on their behalf, if you are willing. 
You have to be extraordinary
This is your office and you are like an ordinary staff member here, but it won’t work like that, you will have to be extraordinary. 
  • You need to show your boss that you are an asset for him and you are capable of doing everything.
  • Never hesitate to perform extra tasks for your boss, because it will make you special this is what you want to do. 
  • Try to learn each and everything in office. You should be an expert in your own work, but you also have to learn other people’s work as well. You should be a versatile person in office who alone can perform all the tasks in office, be it receptionist’s work or any managerial level task.

Never ask him for promotion unless you are 100%
  • You have just spent some years in professional world and you are still a learner.
  • Don’t try to catch a higher seat if you are not 100% at this level.
  • Before you ask him for promotion, ask yourself have you done or achieved something extraordinary during these years? 
  • If not, then this is not the right time for promotion. 

Promotions or money should not be your target at this earlier stage, just make your own identity in your field.

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Laura Benson is a content writer and her interests are Business, Finance and Health. She is a professional blogger from London and has written many articles in Business & Finance categories. So far, as of now she is doing research on DWP

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