Dressing the Part: How to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

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It only takes seconds to make a first impression. The moment you walk into the office, your interviewer is sizing you up, making assumptions about your talent, skills and knowledge. Make the right first impression by dressing the part for your interview. Here are some tips that will keep you looking professional no matter what the situation.

    1. Understand the Corporate Culture
Dressing the Part How to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview.PNGIn order to make the right clothing choices, you have to understand the corporate culture. If you are interviewing for a position as a financial planner, your clothing choices will vary from that of a graphic designer. The key is to dress in a style that is similar to those in the company. If you are interviewing at a financial firm, an advertising firm or a law firm, a suit and tie for men is standard. Women should wear skirt suits or a pant suit with a jacket. If, however, the company emphasizes a casual culture like a start-up or creative firm, you will want to avoid overdressing. A three piece suit would be out of place at a photography company or tech firm. Business casual wear like khaki pants, polished shoes, and a button up shirt works well for men. Women should go for sweaters, blouses and pencil skirts.

    1. Fashion Dos and Don'ts for Interviews
Make sure your hair is neat and trimmed before your interview. Avoid unnatural colors and unconventional hairstyles. For executive level positions, pull all hair back if your hair is shoulder length or longer. For more casual positions, simply make sure your hair is neat and clean. Polish your shoes and wear a belt for your interview. Avoid large, bulky bags that may be distracting. Earrings should be small and understated. Light, natural makeup is encouraged. Steer clear of brightly colored makeup styles.
For men, the process is much the same. If you are interviewing for formal positions like those in the legal and financial fields, remove all facial hair. Cover all tattoos and remove piercings. Make sure that your clothes are well tailored and your shoes and belt are shined. Wear a watch that complements your style.

    1. Exceptions to Interview Dress Rules
If you are interviewing for a position as a tattoo artist, visible tattoos and piercings are an advantage. Feel free to show your creativity when interviewing for a position in fashion or the creative fields. Don't be afraid to keep a sense of self in your style to show yourself as an individual to your perspective employer.

Making the best first impression is key. Dress for success at your next interview, but don't be afraid to stand out. Choose clothes that fit the atmosphere of the work environment and  be prepared mentally for the questions as well. Interviews don't have to be scary if you take a little time to prepare.

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