Essential Linkedin Etiquettes: 10 Rules You Must Know Before Using Linkedin!

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LinkedIn is not your average social platform but a professional network where professionals from different industries meet and interact with each other. Therefore, you must be very meticulous about what you post on your LinkedIn profile, how you approach people and how you show a professional demeanor. In order to use LinkedIn like experts do, you must abide by the following essential etiquette.

  1. Be Personal
Be personal while connecting with people through LinkedIn. Though you may feel the urge to send a plain message, it would make a strong impression if you make it more personal. While it does not have to be a long piece of writing, it should give a sense of personal connotation.

  1. Give Recommendations
Give recommendations on LinkedIn in order to get recommended. To earn the maximum recommendations, you need to exchange this mutual activity with your connections. Write an impressive recommendation with flattering words for your connection.
For getting valuable recommendations, you should first request recommendations with your colleagues. Consider the co-workers who know you well and who can define your abilities in a compelling manner. Even then, you should not ask everyone to give you the recommendation, rather request only those people with whom you have worked with.

  1. Avoid Discussing Your Personal Life
LinkedIn is a professional podium and not a place to share your personal matters. Therefore, you should avoid using personal pictures, events or experiences of a vacation on this platform. Remember that adding any personal stuff will reflect badly on you.

  1. Reinforce Mutual Relationship
LinkedIn is an online community where you can meet people who can help you with finding good jobs. However, it must not be a one-sided affair. Exchange recommendation and information with people who are also active and who respond when prompted. Similarly, you should never expect to gain all the benefits while being self-centered or selfish. The professional connections are based on give and take and therefore should be kept that way.

  1. Beware Of Strangers
You must never accept invitations from every Tom, Dick, and Harry whom you do not know. You never know if your invitee is a genuine person or some spammer. Similarly, it is a bad manner to send request to a stranger without knowing him. As you do not know your connection in person, he would not consider you as an authentic person.

  1. Introduce Yourself First
Always introduce yourself first when connecting with someone you know. Tell them how you know them by mentioning where you have met with like at a seminar, press event, concert, business tour, etc.

  1. Put a Professional Profile Photo
Always use an appropriate profile photo. Avoid using images from a beach party or friend’s hangout event. LinkedIn is a place where people want to you to be serious and professional. So unless you give that impression, no one is going to take you seriously. Add a professional profile photo that can put across the right impression on your connections.

  1. Avoid Fighting On LinkedIn
Never engage in an argument over LinkedIn. Just imagine how many eyeballs will be looking at your profile and see you fight with someone on a public platform. It could be a prospective employer who will surely never contact you for a job because of such behavior.

  1. Be Polite With New Users
Be courteous with new users. While you may be an expert of LinkedIn, a new person may take his time trying to understand how it works. So be polite and patient with newbies and offer them help whenever they want.

  1. Be Responsive
Never leave any message unattended. Even if you do not have a definite answer for a message, do not ignore it. It will worth your time to read a message as it can be from a lost friend and colleague or a desperate job seeker who may need your help. If you are too busy to read a message, it is ok to say so. Remember that courtesy is the virtue of a true professional.

About the Guest Author:  Peter Grew is an author and a professional writer. He writes blog on different educational topics for students help. Nowadays he is a professional dissertation writer at Dissertation Empire. He gives student answers on Google Plus.

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