5 Common Workplace Addictions and How to Combat Them

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5 Common Workplace Addictions and How to Combat Them.JPGIn any workplace it can be difficult to overcome the temptation of addictions. If you are in a workplace situation and you find yourself addicted to a substance or another vice, combating them and becoming more focused can be challenging. Knowing some of the most common workplace addictions and how to rid them from your life can help to make drastic improvements in your overall productivity and performance while on the job.

    1. Alcohol
Alcohol is one of the most common workplace addictions today regardless of the industry you may be working in. Drinking each night, during the day or even while on the job is a sign of a more serious problem. Joining a 12-step program or enrolling in a rehabilitation facility is highly recommended if you are struggling to avoid drinking due to work and other surrounding circumstances in your life.
    1. Depressants
Another common workplace addiction includes using depressants and sedatives, especially while on the job. This can be with illegal drugs or abusing prescription pills. If you are struggling with this type of addiction, it is important to find a support group and seek professional help.
    1. Social Media
Using social media too frequently while you are working is becoming more and more common each day. Use a downloaded application to block yourself from having the ability to access your favorite websites and social media accounts during the day to help drastically improve your performance and productivity.
    1. Eating Unhealthily
Eating unhealthily in traditional office workplace is quite common in today's fast-paced society. If you want to cut back on fast food, desserts and other processed foods you find around the workplace, do so by packing your own lunches and meals for each day. Preparing your food just once a week can give you an entirely week's worth of meals to cut down on spending and to save on calories and fat.
    1. Nicotine
Nicotine or tobacco is often prevalent in all workplaces, especially as smoking it is not illegal. Although the substance is not illegal, it is highly toxic and is often expensive in price. Kicking your nicotine habit can be done by chewing on cinnamon sticks, using smoking alternatives and even wearing a patch or trying chewing gum.

Knowing how to combat the most common workplace addictions can ensure you stay focused and on-task during your work hours. When you are addicted to any type of substance or drug, it is vital to seek outside help and support from family members, friends and even rehabilitation centers.

Hannah Whittenly's profile photoAbout the Guest Author:  Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer from Sacramento, California. A mother of two, Hannah enjoys writing on blogs of all niches. Visit our site for professional help with substance abuse.

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