Five Jobs You Don't Need a Degree to Attain

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Five Jobs You Don't Need a Degree to Attain.PNGWhile it may seem counter intuitive, but sometimes going to college does not pay off. With college costs on the rise, and the market increasingly saturated with qualified degree-holders, employment prospects for college graduates are not looking much better than prospects for non-graduates. There is a surprising number of well-paying jobs that do not require college degrees. Here are five jobs you don't need a degree to attain.

  1. Electrician

Electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical equipment in new and old houses and buildings. These people have to be knowledgeable about various electrical systems, and beginning electricians usually need on the job training. Basic math knowledge is required, but none of the skills require those unattainable in high school. This job pays, on average, $53,000/year and job growth is projected at 20 percent over the next decade.

  1. Computer Systems Analysts

Typically, employees in this field work as consultants, helping organizations streamline their computer systems and increase efficiency. These types of jobs require background knowledge, and many in this profession specialize in certain parts of the field. However, it does not necessarily require a bachelor's degree. Many established professionals in this job only have a high school diploma, and all the skills necessary to succeed can be self-taught. It pays $82,000/year on average and demand is growing.

  1. Truck Driver

This job requires a lot of responsibility, but with that responsibility comes a perk, freedom. You do not have to deal with managers and pesky coworkers on the open road. The pay is good, as well, with the average salary around $45000/year. With the popularity of online shopping, the demand for truck drivers is growing steadily.

  1. Plumber

Plumbers install, maintain, and repair all the pipe fixtures within a home or building. Usually, they need to be on call at various hours, prepared to take on homeowners and business owners worst nightmares, busted pipes. The plumbing profession is growing and pays well, with an average salary of over $51,000/year. It only requires a high school diploma and oftentimes several years of apprenticeship.

  1. Police Officer

While many people in this field have 2-year degrees, many jurisdictions do not require any post-high school education for entry-level positions. Once you get your foot in the door, it may be easier to get training and advance. The pay for this job varies widely by locality.

As you can see there is a lot of options available for work even without the cost of college. Before rearranging your life for school consider finding a job where you can make the money you want now.

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