Choosing a Career: The Top Six Growing Industries

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Choosing a Major The Top Six Growing Industries pic.PNG Even despite a sluggish economy, there are some fields that are in high demand and only growing. If you are looking for a major that will bring you a good return on your investment, consider taking on classwork in one of these in-demand fields.

Health Care

With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, there is a greater need than ever before for skilled professionals in the medical field. In the next few years, there will be a push to hire registered nurses, doctors and hospital support staff. A major in nursing and other health care fields can pay off in high salaries and job security.

Online and For-Profit Universities

With the trend toward online education only growing, there is more of a need for teachers and school staff that can keep these universities running. Many people are turning to online universities to further their education without ever setting foot on a college campus. A major in education can be a valuable tool in your quest toward a career in this growing field.  Keep in mind you will likely need at least a Master's degree to qualify for university positions.

Mobile Application Development

If you need a profitable career, there's an app for that. Application development jobs have exploded in recent years, with many programmers creating apps that bring in millions of dollars. If you have the ability to create functional programs and create apps, you can find work with large companies or earn money by selling your own apps.  Getting training in programming or a related field can assist you in working in this emerging market.

Personal Care Services

Beauty salons, spas, and tanning companies have seen growth even despite the dip in the economy. People use personal care services to treat themselves and enhance their appearance and their mood. Many depend on these services to keep them more competitive in the job market.


With the baby boomer population reaching advanced age, there is more demand than ever for drugs to treat common ailments. Demand is high for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who can fill prescriptions and help restore health. You can embark on a course of study that includes internships and in-field work. You can get great microscopes online with student discounts and start practicing your craft while you are still in school.

Market Research Professionals

Businesses are growing rapidly thanks to the Internet, but still suffer from an age old problem. They need to know what their customers want so they can stay competitive. Market research professionals take surveys, conduct undercover audits and devise statistical profiles for use in corporate intelligence. Majoring in business will prepare you for this high-paying career.

Breaking in to a high-paying, lucrative career field is a matter of meeting demand. Seek out the best majors in these growing fields.

About the Guest Author:   Eowyn Applegates is a proud resident of Fairfax, VA, where she lives with her Yorkie, Theseus.  She enjoys cooking, reading, and hiking in her spare time. Her ambition is to travel around the world and blog about the lives of the people she meets.  For great resources and prices in preparing for a health or science related career, visit here.

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