The Top Four Ways to Attract Superior Talent at a Career Fair

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Career fairs provide a unique opportunity for employers to connect with talented people. Some candidates at career fairs might not have ever considered applying for a position with a company otherwise. One issue businesses face at these fairs is how to stand out from the competition and attract top talent. Here are four ways to attract superior talent at a career fair.
  1. Advertise Before the Fair

The Top Four Ways to Attract Superior Talent at a Career Fair.JPGA good way to attract talent is to start advertising and providing information before the career fair begins. This can be done through a company website and through social media. San Antonio found success with a career fair recently at Eagle Ford Shale which discovered that advertising locally can bring in a lot of talent. Providing information about the company, the positions available and the qualifications candidates should have will make the recruitment campaign successful. It might even be possible to schedule appointments with top talent through social media interactions.
2. Make the Booth Interesting
The appearance of the recruiting booth will make a difference. An interesting display will draw attention from more people, increasing the odds of attracting top talent. The booth should reflect the brand of the business with multimedia or interactive displays. Consulting with professionals  will enable you to offer engaging and useful giveaways to attract more potential applicants. Top talent is more likely to visit a booth with fun and functional promotional products and industry information or resources.
  1. Show Company Culture

The culture of a company is a concern for many talented people today. Applicants want to know what the company culture is like and whether it is a good fit. Some part of the booth, displays or presentations should be dedicated to highlighting the positive and unique aspects of your corporate culture. Having a culture that matches the personality, work ethics or character of a person could make the difference when trying to attract top talent.
  1. Bring Talented and Motivated Employees

Employers should bring several talented and motivated employees to the career fair. These employees should have a positive attitude. They should also reflect the culture and personality of your company. Employees can wander the fair talking informally to potential applicants and answering questions outside the booth. Employees can also help to attract top talent by providing detailed answers to questions about the benefits of working for the company.
Something that often attracts superior talent at a career fair is having industry resources at the booth. Talented people who are serious about a career will always be looking for more information to better their personal skills and knowledge. Keeping a supply of industry information and resources that can teach an applicant something new will attract talented candidates.

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