Six Degrees with the Highest Earning Potential

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As the economy slowly recovers after a difficult half-decade, many people are considering careers that will best serve them over the next decade both in terms of financial and personal satisfaction and job security. Here are just a few careers that offer rewards on many different levels and feature both challenging work and high pay. 

1. Dentistry

As a form of education, a degree in dentistry can offer wonderful careers helping others while allowing for a high salary. Places at dental schools are scarce and students must study hard for difficult exams to make it into the field, but the rewards for perseverance and hard work make dentistry one of the best jobs in the country.

2. Medicine

Within the healthcare career track, a career as a medical doctor can sometimes feel more like a calling than a job. Medicine is both a science and an art, and its practitioners are given the unique privilege of helping people when they are at their most vulnerable while developing a job that can take a lifetime to truly master. 
Because medicine is so difficult a career path and its uses so central to the function of society, its salaries can range from around $160,000 per year for a general family practitioner to well over $300,000 per year for general surgeons. Specializing can increase salaries for doctors even more; areas such as neurosurgery and cardiology are extremely competitive to enter but pay extremely high salaries that at times can come close to $1,000,000 per year. 

3. Computer Science

With knowledge and use of high tech software to serve clients becoming the new foundation of business management in the 21st Century, more and more companies are seeking out graduates of computer science programs to help lead development departments. A reliance on specialists in coding and web design is fast making computer science not only indispensable to businesses but also one of the most desirable skills to have in the new economy. 

4. Engineering

One of the most beneficial jobs in terms of its contribution to society, engineers can be sure that their work will be central to strengthening the world around them. With high-speed internet enabling greater access to institutions of higher education, earning degrees online is also an option many students should consider when thinking about this rewarding path. 

5. Nursing

With bachelor's degrees and graduate programs becoming the norm for educational requirements within the nursing field, the job is becoming more competitive and more rigorous; however, its rewards are many: Nurses are known for being by their patients' sides at times of great stress and can do extraordinary amounts to help others. If one career has the distinction of being the most respected in the nation, it is nursing, and with good reason: Nurses have one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

6. Nurse Anesthetist

A specialization within nursing that is quickly taking a major role in healthcare management, nurse anesthetists do much to help patients by regulating pain and insuring that operations are conducted as smoothly as possible. In rural settings, nurse anesthetists are now especially in demand, and jobs are plentiful in many hospitals, private practices and clinics.
It’s a competitive market out there, but any one of these degrees will give you a leg up in the employment race.

 Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that often writes about business and job related issues. If going back to school she suggests engineering degrees online for more convenience. 

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