5 Ways To Keep Your Job Search Going Over The Holidays

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You may believe that the holiday season means it’s time to put your job search on hold—but that’s not true. Actually, quite a few companies hire in December, because they are spending budget money before the last quarter is over. However, even if they aren’t hiring now, you can put yourself in position to get hired in January by doing the right things now.

Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Your Job Search Going Strong Over The Holidays:

1. Connect With Your Network

This is the time of year when people expect others to reach out, so take advantage of it. Send cards and emails to everyone on your contact list. Let them know you’re looking (and what you’re looking for) and offer to help them out with anything they need (in the spirit of the season). Be upbeat and optimistic in your notes.

2. Reconnect With People You Haven’t Seen In Years

Think about all the people you’ve lost track of over the years: former co-workers or bosses, high school or college buddies, your neighbors from a past home, your child’s teachers or coaches from years ago, and so on. Send a card or email to wish them a happy holiday season. You don’t have to say right off the bat that you’re looking for a job. That can wait for a bit. For now, just say hello, let them know you’re thinking of them and ask what they’ve been up to lately. If you live near them, you may choose to invite them to lunch (or coffee or drinks) to catch up.
Restarting that conversation will be fun, and after it gets going, it will be easier to ask if they know of any companies who could use someone like you.
If telling people you know that you’re looking for a job seems difficult.

3. Wish All The Recruiters You Know A Merry Christmas (Or Happy Holidays)

This is a nice reason to reach out to recruiters and let them know you’re there and looking. When you keep up a regular contact with recruiters, they are more likely to think of you when they receive notice of a job opening.

4. Attend Holiday Parties And Events

Holiday parties are great times to network. In every conversation there will be “So, what do you do?” or “How’s work going?” Don’t get nervous. Everyone is in a job search at one time or another. Be ready with a quick pitch about what you do and what you’re looking for ready to go.  

5. Volunteer

The holidays are a great time to volunteer for a worthy cause. It will keep you busy and productive, and it may put you in touch with others who can point you to a job. As a bonus, you’ll feel great about helping others.
Throughout the season, always help out others if you can—even if it’s as simple as sending a link to information they’d be interested in. If you help others, they will want to help you.
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