6 Steps to Getting a Promotion

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After you've  landed that dream job using your well written resume , its time to add value to your employer and in-turn your career growth by following these 6 steps listed below

"It's a great, great experience to finally get the reception you know you rightfully deserve"  . Kendrik Lamar 

Discover the gaps. A good employee fulfills employment objectives while a great employee doesn't just fulfill employment duties, a great employee adds value to the employer and in-turn gets recognized and in most cases promoted. How do you stand out from the rest? Discover the gaps..how can you help? what can i do to make my bosses life easier?Having the mindset of a helper is key to adding lasting value not only to your employer but also to your career.

Fill the gaps.  Look at where you have gaps and demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn and grow. For example, volunteer to go on company training programmes or seek out external training programmes that will boost your skills. Or you can ask to take on work that involves new skills for you – for example, if you haven’t done much budget management and know it might be seen as weak spot for you then ask to take on some financial responsibility.

Highlight achievements. As well as gathering the evidence above, the other obvious place to look is at what you’ve achieved for your organisation. Think about tangible achievements such as having saved the company money or the outcomes of a project you’ve worked on. Look at your objectives in your job description and think about what you’ve done to deliver on these.

Set yourself apart . Establish yourself as someone who takes responsibility and can be trusted to deliver. Being a trusted deliverer in your current role means you’ll be thought of as ready to start operating at the next level. If managers still think they have to micromanage you because they aren’t sure you’re going to meet deadlines or you’re going to miss doing something important, they won’t be seeing you as someone who’s all that effective at your current role, so the next level will be some way off.

Build healthy relationships. It’s good to be known by people at the next level and beyond who’ll talk positively to your manager and others about what you’ve done. In an ideal world your skills and what you’ve delivered would speak for themselves but you have to get noticed too. When your boss hears positive comments about you from others that all helps with placing you in their mind as 'promotable'.

Get a career mentor. Having someone who’s successful at what you want to do and who can guide you on how to be noticed can be invaluable. If your organisation is too small for you to have one, do some networking and find one outside the company.

Awareness is very key to discovering where and how to best apply our skills to add value to our employers and in-turn our careers. Planning on changing jobs? read  5 SIMPLE WAYS TO CREATE A UNIQUE RESUME to get some resume inspiration and visit our search engine by clicking hereAre there any tips we missed or you'd like to share? Lets know in the comments below!

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