10 ways to cure boredom at work

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Boredom is a silent companion for many and it would not occur until you are overwhelmed by it. If
you feel uninspired to get up and go to work in the morning, you are probably bored of your work.
Most of the times, boredom leads to negative effects and this will affect you at work. If you are stuck
at your workspace staring into the depths of your screen and feeling a loss of inspiration, then it’s
probably time for you to analyse what is going wrong.
Escaping from the clutches of boredom is not that easy when it comes to workplaces. The monotony
of the work gets to you and you feel trapped inside this circle. Here are some ways that you can cure
your boredom:

1. Make career goals that you want to achieve from this job

What do you want to accomplish in your life? Do you have any goals that you want to achieve
from the job that you are doing currently? These are the questions you should ask yourself the
next time you are feeling bored at the workplace. If you do not have any immediate plans in life,
you should try to make them. List some of the career or personal life plans that you want to
achieve. It will keep you motivated and inspired at work.

2. Seek new challenges and accept more responsibility

The best way to get rid of workplace boredom is to accept more responsibility. This will give you
new challenges to overcome and keep you occupied. There is one thing that you should keep in
mind, though, before accepting more responsibilities is that it should not affect your normal

3. Clear up your cubicle if it is in a mess

A messy cubicle can also be an uninspiring sight. If the first thing you see in the morning every
day is a cluttered workspace, then it is no surprise that you are getting bored here. You need to
clear up the mess and improve the ambience of your desk. The ambience of the cubicle plays an
important role in controlling your daily mood level.

4. Exhaustion can be a cause – Ensure a healthy lifestyle

Do you have a bad lifestyle? Do you sleep late at night? Do not leave the snooze buttons till late
in the morning. Go to sleep early and get up on time. It will help you to maintain a good and
healthy lifestyle. If you do not have a healthy lifestyle, you will end up feeling exhausted at the
workplace. When you are exhausted, you will boredom creeping up on you like an incubus.

5. Do not attend mindless meetings

Attend those meeting which you feel are really important as most of the meetings are
meaningless and waste time. Above all, they tend to be boring at times. If you feel like you are
attending a number of meaningless meetings, talk to your manager and let him/her know that
how it can affect the productivity. Suggest the manager how you can improve this situation.

6. Go for water cooler breaks

Sometimes small talks can help to shake away that feeling of boredom. Take a short break with
your colleagues and enjoy the moment with talks unrelated to your work. This will help you to
lighten your mood.

7. Learn new skills

Are you getting bored doing the same thing at work? Try learning some new skills whenever you
have free time. This will solve your problem of boredom and also help you in your future. A new
skill will help you get that promotion. Some companies support such activities and allow
employees to go for such programmes. You can also learn a new language that might help you if
you go for offshore meetings with clients or projects.

8. Do some online browsing

Nothing beats boredom like some light browsing. If your company allows for browsing social
media websites and other such sites, then you can spend some entertaining moments. Watch
that funny cat video or an interesting DYI video or chat with a friend. It will lift your spirits from
the pit of boredom.

9. Try writing a blog

Do you like writing? You can spend those free times, when you feel engulfed with boredom, by
writing an article for your blog.

10. Make a career or job change

If the work that you are doing is not interesting for you and you feel it is extremely boring, then
it means that you are stuck in the wrong job. If it is boredom that you have to deal with daily, it
is time for you to switch on the job alerts on job portals. Find a job that you will love before
boredom crushes you.
Getting bored at work is a common problem and if you know how to be safe from it, you can take
your work life to a better level. Knowing how to deal with this problem can also help you in your

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