How to Enhance Your Social Media Profiles for a Job Search

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Searching for a job just isn’t what it used to be. Until a few years ago, all a job search involved was handing a CV or application form into the place you were applying to. The jobs market then began to centre on online applications, and this trend has continued up to the present day. The influence of social media on job applications has increased dramatically during this period, too.
While several social media websites, including LinkedIn and, are geared towards providing a platform for jobseekers to show off their skills and make themselves attractive to potential employers, others, such as Facebook and Twitter, can be equally as crucial to a job search, for a variety of reasons.
Here are a number of tips for enhancing your social profiles prior to starting your job search, all of which will make you more attractive to potential employers, and are relevant to any social profiles you may have.
Take Out the Bad Stuff
Do a few photographs or tweets give an accurate picture of the person you are? Probably not, but the reality is that anyone looking at your profiles and seeing you falling out of a club is likely to take that as a summary of who you are. Fair? No, but it’s a game you have to play if you want the job.
This is better than just making all your profiles private, too, as people will adopt a “what are they trying to hide” approach, and you’ll have the same negative result.
With that dealt with, we can start to focus on the positives.
Your Profile Picture
This needs to be professional, clear, and friendly looking. Avoid anything that resembles a driving licence or a passport photo; you want to look fresh and ready to work, not drained and poorly!
Complete Everything
This is critical if you’re using a professional network and need to display an accurate job history or overview of your skills, as many employers will check that it actually matches with what you’ve sent them. Don’t underestimate the power of a witty Twitter bio, for example, either, as that can demonstrate your wit and nature brilliantly.
Join and Manage Your Groups
If you didn’t do so when taking out the bad stuff, now is the time to look at the Facebook pages you’ve liked and unlike some of them.
However, the biggest enhancing factor here is going to be the types of group you’re a part of on LinkedIn and other professional networks. Not only can you demonstrate your knowledge and influence, you might even have the opportunity to reach out directly to potential employers.
One final point while we’re looking specifically at LinkedIn: be careful who you’ve recommended and what you’ve written about them, you don’t want your profile to look like you’re recommending people just to get a recommendation back!

Be Professional Yet Personal
This might surprise you, but you don’t need to be all about ‘work’ to appeal to employers. In fact, most of them want to see that you do have a life, and aren’t obsessed only with your job; recruiters want humans and friendly faces, not robots, remember.
As long as you’re keeping it clean, mix personal and professional stuff as much as you want. Just avoid posting pictures of dinner or tonight’s glass of red wine too regularly!
Enhance Your Profiles
A thoughtful and professional collection of social media profiles can work wonders for your job search. Ensure yours are working as hard as they should be on your behalf, and employers will ensure your application is always the one they look for in their inbox.
 Author Bio: 
Cristen Bagley is a social media expert who has recently discovered how to utilize a professional online profile at Enthuse, and is currently in the process of sharing this exciting new platform with his clients and personal connections.

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